Land Rover Series I - 2.0 (52 Hp)86'' 53-56 year

Characteristics of Land Rover Series I with engine 2.0 (52 Hp)86'' 53-56 year

Brand of carLand Rover
Model of carSeries I
GenerationSeries I
Motor vehicle2.0 (52 Hp)86'' 53-56 year
Motor power52 hp
Year of putting into production1953 year
Year of stopping production1956 year
Position of engineFront, lengthwise
Volume of engine1997 cm3
Max power in4000 rpm.
Torque140 Nm
Fuel SystemCarburettor
Position of cylindersInline
Number of cylinders4
Compression ratio6.8
Diameter of cylinders (bore)77.8 mm.
Stroke in the cylinder105 mm.

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